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Some Moments Deserve a Chocolate

Be it in the company of loved ones or in a solitary “me-time”...

In the long-deserved vacation travel or even in the daily commute...

In a group of friends at a pub or even at home binge-watching your favorite sitcom...

On festive occasions or even in that “just another day”!

Happyness can be found in almost everything.

Moments become memories, memories become stories, stories stay for a lifetime and beyond!

We are here now, to assist you in adding Happyness to your moments, for happier stories.

Founders of Dear Chocolate, bring to you Happyness- A brand of Artisanal Couverture Chocolates, perfectly blending Belgian tradition with Indian passion and craft.

Now available in 5 varieties with over 200 moments to feel happy about, and counting...

Meet The Team


Ajay Hingorani

    Founder and Chief Chocolatier

    Sakshi Jain



      Drishti Gurnani


        Parent Brand

        Dear Chocolate, is a brand of premium handcrafted chocolate creations.

        With Dear Chocolate, we bring together the best of chocolate making expertise, ingredients, and packaging that makes our offerings an ideal option for gifting, incorporate, or on personal occasions.

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